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Top 3 Ingredients for Homemade Skin Cream

anticellulite anti Even though many people don’t know that their skin care product can actually do more harm than good because of the chemicals and toxins used to create that cream. In fact, almost all commercially produced, store bought products are filled with artificial fragrances, colors, preservatives and also stabilizers. These chemicals can be easily absorbed by the skin’s and cause many long-term health problems.

What does this mean now? Should you continue using the product that you use now? Well, no. You can opt for naturally made cream by you. It is easy and fun. Plus you will mix just the right ingredients for your skin type. Now let’s see the top 3 ingredients for creating skin cream.

Coconut Oil

One of the most flexible and adaptable ingredients used as food too is coconut oil. The benefits that it provides to the sin are: stronger epidermal tissue, sunburns protector, dead skin removal containing antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial and antioxidants (anti).

Apple Cider Vinegar

Very good and inexpensive natural skin product is apple cider vinegar. This is because it kills bacteria, cleans the skin, it has antifungal properties and can stop acne. It dates from 460-377BC and it was called “the father of the modern medicine”


This is a fatty fruit with moisturizing benefits, which contains vitamins E, D and A that can penetrate the skin. Can increase collagen production, sooth sunburned skin and also treat age spots. In addition, it reduces inflammation. Together the avocado, honey, and essential oils can replenish hydration and the skin will become dewy.

Other ingredients that can help in protecting the skin from many problems are sea salt, honey, and tea tree oil. All these together will be better than any other store-bought skin cream. So say no to artificial chemical and yes to natural ingredients and homemade skin cream.

What is the Recommended Dose of Garcinia Cambogia?

garcinia fruit cambogia

When taking any kind of supplements, it is important to know the correct dose and the best time to take them. According to some studies, the safe dose of Garcinia Cambogia is up to 2,800mg a day. However, there are still no exact details about what could happen when someone takes up to amount of dose. It is best to consume less than 2,800mg.

Before you take the supplements, check the instructions given by the manufacturer. You should also consult your doctor if you have health conditions. Once you already know where to buy the right supplements, you have to determine how much Hydroxy Citric Acid you must take.  The dosage varies according to brands, but you can take dosage of 500 to 1500mg HCA per day.

Many studies have shown that even these supplements work even with low dosages. For instance, taking 1,000mg of Garcinia a day is already effective in suppressing the appetite. Higher dosage up to 1,500mg can aid weight loss.

Taking Garcinia Cambogia Supplements

There are two different forms of cambogia garcinia supplements.

  • The first one is the pill form (capsule or tablet). The recommended dosage of HCA as pill is 500 mg and should be taken three times a day. Take the supplement thirty minutes before your mealtime. This way, you can stay within the recommended daily dosage, which is 1500mg.

  • The second form of Garcinia Cambogia is liquid form. It is recommended to take one to two drops before each meal. The amount may vary according to the concentration, and the dropper included. Put few drops of Garcinia Cambogia under your tongue thirty minutes before you eat.  Take this three times a day. Also, ask the pharmacist about the correct amount of drops in order to get the total of 1500mg per day and divide that into three.


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